The Somali Spots Press Association was funded in 1997 by a group of Somali sports writers and it was the first journalist association established in the war-weary country. Its base is located in the capital. It unites the entire Somali sports writers who in live both inside the country and outside Somalia.


The association is an independent none governmental and none-profit association and it is full member of the global association AIPS,Union Des Journalistes Sportif Africains {UJSA} the Arab Sports Press Association and has good cooperative relations with the Union Europenne De La Presse Sportive {UEPS}.


The SSPA has also very close cooperative ties with Somali National Olympic committee and its member federations and all other national sports associations.


The battle we face in a country where the gun is the law.


In Somalia, a country where guns are companions of many, daylight robbery is prestigious, injustice is legal and everything is moving backwards, the Somali Sports Press Association is still committed to stepping towards a higher development.


Since Its foundation in 1997 the Somali Sports Press Association has been working in a destroyed and chaotic country fenced by disorder and lack of a stable administration and one still cut off from the rest of the world.


Somalia became a land subdivided by unkind warlords who plunged the country into clan-based civil wars during which more than 500,000 people passed away while over 3.5 millions more were displaced and many other thousands became refugees in many countries around the world.


In such a serious situation members of the Somali Sports Press Association have to face many heterogeneous difficult problems since its establishment – killings, robbery, looting of properties and office equipment, extortion, arrests and torture from armed young men loyal to warlords and terrorists themselves.


Despite all these, the Somali Sports Press Association continues to work very hard, giving the first priority to collecting the history of Somali sports and writing stories to encourage sports, peace, democracy and the rule of law.


The Somali Sports Press Association covers all sporting activities in both Djibouti and Somalia and it is the sole AIPS-member association which operates in two countries.


However the Somali Sports Press Association is carrying on activities in different fields:


1 Advocating better rights for journalists’

2 Developing journalism – particularly sports journalism

3 maintaining Freedom of expression

4 Good governanc

5 Fighting against tribalism and apartheid

6-encouraging the spread of democracy throughout all Somalia
Somali Sports Press Association has its own mission for promoting the rights of journalists. It is called ‘Journalists and freedom of expression watch in Somalia {Jofewsom}


The current SSPA 1st vice president and former president Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar is respected among SSPA members as the founder of Somali Sports Press Association.


The SSPA executive committee is elected once in every four years in accordance with its constitution.

Address:Maqsoud Building




Phone:+25261 5582980 +252699 969815

Fax:+25261 215586

E-mail: somalisportspress@hotmail.com

Web address: www.somalisportspress.com

President:Abdiaziz Godah

Vice President:Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

Secretary General:Hussein Abdalla Mohamed





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