SSPA launches new website

The Somali Sports Press Association (SSPA) a media organization which unites the country’s sports journalists has launched a new English-language website which is mainly intended to present the development activities of Somali sports to the out side world.


According to SSPA President Abdi Aziz Godah the launching of this website comes after the association’s former website SSPAMEDIA.COM was hacked and is now being used as a tool to present aggressive stories against Somali Olympic committee, its member federations and as well as some sports individuals inducing former coaches, players and referees.


“We are telling with a loud voice that the hacked SSPAMEDIA.COM doesn’t broadcast on behalf of Somali Sports press Association” the president said.


The new website is expected to be the biggest sports encyclopedia in the horn of African country and will broadcast both local and international sports news, views, features and comments.


“SSPA members throughout the country and else where in the world are day and night stand by for reporting to the website and when it comes to the international stories, we will quote from international media outlets” the president said.


“We are also expecting friendly contributions from our AIPS colleagues around the world to send us sports news in their countries” the SSPA president said in his statement on Wednesday.


Founded in 1997, the Somali Sports Press Association is member of AIPS, Union Des Journalistes Sportif Africains {UJSA} the Arab Sports Press Association and has good cooperative relations with the Union Europeenne De La Presse Sportive {UEPS} under the presidency of Somalia’s great friend Yannis Darras.


By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar


First vice president and head of international relations of Somali Sports Press Association

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